Publishers Weekly

The weekly trade magazine calls The Castaway Lounge (Dzanc Books/2015) a "page turner" and says "the hard-boiled characters in Boilard's latest speak with the loquaciousness of Elmore Leonard's best and act with the viciousness of the thugs patrolling Frank Miller's Sin City." Read full review here


A favorable (and funny) review of The Castaway Lounge (Dzanc Books/2015): "Dark and dirty noir. . . this is James Ellroy in a checked shirt, driving a pickup. . . some of the finest prose I've read in a long time. I savoured every page of this book, right up to the dark and deadpan finale." Read full review here

The Greenfield Recorder

A write-up of Boilard's second novel, The Castaway Lounge (Dzanc Books/2015), in his hometown newspaper. "The book is populated with characters who've taken some tough knocks, and plenty who know how to give them." Read full review here

A review of Boilard's debut novel, A River Closely Watched (MacAdam Cage/2012), in his hometown newspaper. "It's not the nicest book you'll read this year, but it's hand-over-fist the most powerful." Read full review here

San Francisco Weekly

Jon Boilard discusses the writing life and reads an excerpt from A River Closely Watched (MacAdam Cage/2012). Quoting Calvin Coolidge: "Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts." Read full interview and watch video here

San Francisco Chronicle

A short blurb about how the book deal for A River Closely Watched was born in a bar appeared in the entertainment section. Quote: "The moral of the story is you don't need a literary agent if your bartendar is worth his salt." Read full article here

Booklist Magazine

The review journal of the American Library Association offers praise for A River Closely Watched (MacAdam Cage/2012). "Boilard's debut novel is an exercise in noir, or perhaps it might be better described as Southern Gothic come to rural New England." Read full review here

Kirkus Book Review Magazine

The well-regarded American book review magazine founded in 1933 calls A River Closely Watched (MacAdam Cage/2012) "the literary equivalent of punk rock." "Boilard's debut novel is the literary equivalent of punk rock: angry, cathartic and dripping with contempt." Read full review here

Book Marketing Buzz Blog

Book publishing insider Brian Feinblum interviews Jon Boilard about his debut novel, A River Closely Watched (MacAdam Cage/2012), and the writing life. On why he writes: "When everything clicks just right, there's nothing better, nothing more exhilarating. And like any other addict I simply have to go back for more." Read the full article here